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These are designs I’ve personally tried for making harnesses

I’ll leave it up to you, dear reader, to judge length of strings and elastics having read this, since I have no idea what your build is like

I don’t seem to be able to find the website I was looking for, so please do comment if you know what I’m thinking of when I give these instructions for the first design

Please remember this is not my idea, this one, and I take no credit for it!

The Elastic

Quite simple really, you make an elastic belt that can go down under your hips, around you, and tuck the balls of the packer behind it.

You then take another length of elastic, and tie both ends of it to the belt round your hips, leaving a looped “tail” hanging behind you.

You take the tail, pull it through your legs, and the loop goes over the top of the packer

I found this one worked well with this DIY packer but didn’t work with the one I bought for STP modification at all, so would eventually advise against it.

The String

This is the one I’m using at the moment. and it is quite complex to make, needing string and a cock ring tight enough to fit securely onto the packer. Many thanks to cheetr from #gaygeeks on irc.freenode.net for coming up with what knots I’d need to put it together

Take a length of string and tie it round below your hips with a reef knot.

Take the cock ring and two shorter lengths of string, and dangle the cock ring where you want it to hang, tying it twice from the hip strap, again using reef knots (simple to tie, easy to undo and alter)

Take a length of string (a long one) and use a taut line hitch (I used the #1857) to attach it to one side, so it hangs down the outside of your thigh.

Repeat on the other side.

Now take the long dangly bit (no pun intended) and wrap it round your thigh, outside to inside, passing through the cock ring, before using the same taut line hitch to attach the loose end to the bit coming down from the waistband.

Yes, confusing I know

You’ll know when you have this right because the cock ring will be taut, and you’ll be able to adjust its position by moving straps around slightly

The Sock

I liked this method when I was just packing with a heavier, bought packer, but it doesn’t work with an STP device

Take a sports sock

Cut two small holes in the top hem

Run a piece of elastic through these

Tuck the shaft in the sock, under the elastic, with the balls dangling out the back

Tie the elastic round your waist


This one creates a lot of washing mind

Get two sets of boxers (you’ll be wearing two pairs per day now)

One needs to be tiny, just big enough to pull up, and the other normal (I wear boys 5-6 and boys 14-15 for this)

Put the little boxers on with the balls inside and the shaft dangling out the front hole

Put the big boxers on over the little boxers and the shaft is tucked inside those

And thus concludes todays post on such matters!


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May 21, 2009 at 12:00 pm

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