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Various passing thoughts

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So I haven’t updated this little fellow in a good few days now, and the reason for that is obvious – I have no idea whatsoever as for what to update with! I therefore thought I’d do something more about passing, since my previous posts have been focussed on ways to pass, I suppose.

If you’re MtF, then you are given a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that you will easily be able to portay your identity with the clothes you wear – wearing a long skirt and low cut top is still seen as a “female” thing to do, despite the fact that Roman MEN wore togas, and it’s a relatively recent thing that it’s inappropriate for a male-bodied-person to wear a skirt. The fact remains that there is something you can easily wear or do to assert your identity as female. The curse that goes alongside that is, of course, that FtM spectrum folk have the advantage when it comes to passing of being able to have testosterone. Unless, of course, you go no-ho, and then it’s somewhat harder.

For the guys that are pre-hormones or non-hormones, or in the early stages, what do you do to pass? It’s hard to assert ones identity with clothes, especially as a lot of the most “male” clothes are also seen as approrpiate for butch lesbians. And I don’t have a problem with it – I have a problem with society gendering clothes at all, but at the same time, if I want to be read as male then I have to accept this gendering and succumb to it, wearing clothes that are seen as male-only.

Easier said than done mate

I tend to get away with boxers, baggy jeans, trainers, and t-shirts, but that’s not an exclusively male outfit, I think it seems that the only clothing that remains totally the province of men, in the same way skirts do of women is probably the tailored suit. These are, however expensive. A cheap off-the-rack suit retails in at ¬£100 ($160) where I live, and that’s a lot more than I can reasonably afford. Even if I could, for a birthday, for instance, a transguy will be lucky to have the build that fits these, without hormones, and I’m not lucky!

In some ways, I am. I’m 5″6’ish, which isn’t unreasonably short, I’m slender, and relatively fit, my face is masculine enough that I *can* pass, but I’m not able to fit most mens clothing, and the boxers that fit me best are for age 6-7. Yes, 6-7. I am 17. Are you seeing a problem?

If I could afford it I would get my clothes tailored, but that isn’t an option, so my next best option is to find a guy witha¬† similar build to me, and take him shopping. Not got one of those at the moment!

Some of the clothes I wear could be considered feminine. I’ve got a C chest, so bound it’s flat enough to get away with wearing a tight t-shirt over a binder, which emphasises my lack of chest, but overall I get read as a butch lesbian far more than I do as a man, because of my voice mainly, I suppose. That and my stick thin arms.

I do have a committment to getting fitter, and building more muscle, but it’s a slow process. At the moment my regimen is pretty pitiful, but I’m not obsessed enough to build a decent one – 20 pressups, 20 situps and 20 squats. Decent, I’ll grant you, but not up to much. I’m planning on doubling it. I’ve tried a few different things, but this is the best one I have for building muscle, it’s visible already!


Written by trannyfag

May 26, 2009 at 12:23 pm